Sep 3

Mon '12

Meal Plan Mondays – Week 6

Last week for week 5 of meal planning was a lot like the week before with only being about 85% on track. I found out recently that I probably won’t be working Friday nights anymore (YES!!!) and so we ended up going to Burger King. Ugh, see what happens when I don’t have a plan?! […]

Aug 27

Mon '12

Meal Plan Mondays – Week 5

Week 4 of meal planning did not go according to plan. Monday and Tuesday were good, but the rest of the week kind of flopped. A couple nights I found out Peter wasn’t going to be home for supper and so I didn’t want to cook just for myself. Another night I went out with […]

Aug 20

Mon '12

Meal Plan Mondays – Week 4

It was a week of 90% staying on track for the meal plan. Some of the meals switched days and we didn’t end up having cabbage rolls at all. Only because the beef pot roast I made was so huge that we had it as leftovers the next day. Here are the meals I have […]

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