Jul 10

Wed '13

Happy 26th Birthday

I celebrated my 26th birthday today. It was a wonderful day. I went to the Calgary Stampede with my Mom and my friend. We spent the day shopping, eating and having a great time. The weather was beautiful with sunshine and blue skies. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. (You can see more photos […]

May 15

Wed '13

May Road Trip

My Mom and I are headed on a road trip tomorrow to Great Falls, MT. It’s kind of an impromptu trip. We recently just decided we would go and the time has come up on us quick. We are only taking off for a few days, but it should be fun. We were both sad […]

Aug 31

Fri '12

For real this time

I’ve blogged many times about how I want to lose the extra weight I have gained since reaching lifetime membership at Weight Watchers. Yes, I talk big plans, but then I head over to the McDonald’s drive-through. My mind hasn’t been in it 100%. This week, my Mom and I went to our first weight […]

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