Feb 24

Mon '14

No Clue

I was lucky enough to win tickets for an advance screening of No Clue. It is written by (and also stars) Brent Butt. To any fellow Canadians, that name might ring a bell. He was the quirky mind behind the Canadian comedy sitcom, Corner Gas. Definitely, he is one of the most brilliant, clever and […]

Dec 17

Tue '13

No Christmas here

I can’t believe that it is actually December 17th and I haven’t even watched one single Christmas movie. Usually, I spend all of December getting into the Christmas spirit by watching some of my favourite holiday movies. This year has been completely opposite of past years. I haven’t even listened to very many Christmas songs. […]

Dec 14

Sat '13

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

This past week just flew right on by. I don’t even know what I accomplished, to be honest. I worked 7 days last week so that must have been where most of my time went. Every year, no matter how much I try to prepare, the last few weeks leading up to Christmas are always […]

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