May 7

Wed '14

House number 2

It has actually happened. On the 28th of April, Peter and I put an offer in on a house and it was accepted. Today was the final day of the conditions and the sale will be official at 9pm! We have house #2!! Still can’t believe this has all happened so fast. It has been […]

Apr 14

Mon '14

Moving updates

So Peter and I have been extremely busy this week. We have had showings to see over 15 houses and still haven’t found “the one.” We have decided that we aren’t going to move unless we find something we really love. We want to be wowed. I would say we some-what settled for our first […]

Apr 3

Thu '14

A big move?

Over the past couple days, Peter and I have been talking very seriously about moving. When we bought and moved into our current home in 2008, I never thought we would ever move again. I wanted to be a one house girl. Seriously, moving is such a pain in the butt!! However, we are now […]

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