Apr 22

Sun '12

Holy Musical B@man

Team StarKid released their newest musical last Friday. TSK are the same people that created the hit YouTube musicals A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. Their new musical is filled with Superhero and Supervillian goodness. They have appropriately named it Holy Musical B@man and it is absolutely brilliant. It’s the story of […]

Feb 23

Thu '12

Feeling Lucky

Tuesday was a very lucky day for me. Well actually, for my Mom, but I benefited from her luck. Long story short, she won concert tickets to Dierks Bentley and Chad Brownlee on Tuesday night. Not only that, she won the opportunity to meet Dierks Bentley and go backstage and play a table hockey game […]

Jan 21

Thu '10

Cabbage Rolls

THIS POST HAS BEEN ARCHIVED FROM A PREVIOUS BLOGGING SYSTEM. My mom and I spent most of the day making cabbage rolls. We had bought 4 cabbages in the summer at the market for a really good price. We had just made tons then and so we put the cabbages in the freezer, knowing that […]

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