Jun 1

Fri '12

Adult Puppetry

My mom and I went to see Avenue Q, funnily enough, at a local children’s theatre. It was a delightfully funny adult rated stage musical put on by actors who used puppetry to tell the story. It was definitely not a children’s show, despite being put on by the usual children’s company. There was a […]

Apr 22

Sun '12

Holy Musical B@man

Team StarKid released their newest musical last Friday. TSK are the same people that created the hit YouTube musicals A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. Their new musical is filled with Superhero and Supervillian goodness. They have appropriately named it Holy Musical B@man and it is absolutely brilliant. It’s the story of […]

Mar 27

Tue '12

Full week in Toronto

I am back home from Toronto. I had an awesome time. Of course, it was too short, but still great. The weather was AMAZING! I actually got a sunburn one day because it was 26C! That is very unusual for Toronto in March. I saw people outside gardening and one man was actually mowing his […]

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