Dec 31

Sun '17

Goodbye 2017

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!! It’s the end of 2017 already! I just can’t believe it. This past month has flown by super duper fast. Haha, so much for my hopes of posting more after I finished NaBloPoMo. I didn’t even post once since finishing. OOOOPS. I did have good intentions to do it, but just […]

Jan 6

Tue '15

Goals for 2015

I’m a little late to the game to get this post up, but better late than never. I wasn’t really motivated to write any goals this year. I failed last year’s goals almost completely. The only exceptions were that I ate more leftovers and attempted to get into Doctor Who (watched all of season 1 […]

Jan 1

Wed '14

Goals for 2014

Here I am again to make some new resolutions for the upcoming year, as I do every year. I have to admit that 4/5 goals were failures. :{ I don’t know what went wrong. I am usually very good at keeping commitments like these, but I just wasn’t feeling it this year. Anyway, here are […]

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