Sep 20

Sat '14

Our new home

I have been meaning to write this post for the past month and a half, however, I didn’t want to start it until we had the house mainly unpacked. I hate pictures of stacks of boxes. No one wants to see that. However, we are now mostly all unpacked and settled in and so it’s […]

Aug 25

Mon '14

House and pregnancy updates

Ah life has been so insanely busy this month. We have fully moved into our new home and have nearly all the boxes unpacked. I want to tidy up a bit more before I take pictures to show off the house. It is almost ready for showcasing! We are enjoying it very much to say […]

Aug 1

Fri '14

A home to call our own

Today was the big day. It was over 3 months in anticipation and it finally arrived. Peter and I bought our 2nd house back in April and possession date finally came today. We actually have the keys in our hands! It’s nuts, I can’t believe how fast time flies. I am excited to start this […]

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