Apr 25

Fri '14

New iPad?

So we are about mid year from when they announce the new iPads. For the past few months, I’ve considered buying a new iPad. I still love the iPad I have, but it is definitely starting to show it’s years. It’s an iPad 1 and it’s only getting worse with age. I shouldn’t complain because […]

Dec 28

Fri '12


I have a scary feeling that I am getting old. Yes, I know that my age is increasing, but I feel as though my body knows and is starting to wear out on me a little bit. I know some “older” people that need to take naps during the day to refresh themselves. I have […]

Jun 8

Fri '12

Blast From The Past

I know I am a little slow, but I have figured out how to add previous posts onto the blog without having them show up in my RSS feed. I’d like them to be on the website (to have a record of my blogging history), but I don’t want people to be bombarded with posts […]

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