Mar 4

Tue '14

A good night

As you all know, the Oscars were broadcasted on Sunday. Last year I mentioned that my Mom and I were possibly going to break our tradition and not watch them this year. It was a sad thought because we always watch together and spend the night doing useful things, such as making cabbage rolls, cleaning […]

Feb 4

Mon '13

Oscar worthy?

Every year, I try my hardest to watch every movie that is nominated for the 6 major Academy Awards, those being Best Picture, Best Animated Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor. It has become increasingly apparent that the films that are being nominated are getting worse and worse. I […]

Feb 27

Mon '12


Yesterday were the Academy Awards. Like every year, Mom and I watched them together and ate Easter chocolate. Yum. The awards themselves were good, I guess. None of the movies that were nominated were ones that I absolutely loved. Sure, The Help was a beautiful movie and The Artist was unique and creative. I liked […]

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