Apr 21

Mon '14

Spring biking

This week I decided it was time to uncover and revive my bike from it’s hiding place for the winter. I figured it was time to take it out for a small bike ride to put air into the tires and get used to sitting on the seat again. Can’t believe it’s been since September […]

Jan 15

Wed '14

Ice means nothing

Before I get into this post, I just want to thank everyone for their comments and advise on my previous post about my best friend. I appreciate it so much and I hope the situation will improve soon. Running outside in the winter is hard. I don’t like it. I haven’t done it since November […]

Dec 22

Sun '13

Oh deer

I just want to express my joy with living in the area of Calgary that I do. Just behind our alley is one of the biggest provincial parks in Canada, Fish Creek Park. It is wonderful to have the park so close to home. As a runner, having so many running paths just a couple […]

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