Nov 18

Mon '13

NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 18 – Winter running

I went for my first winter run of the year today. Man was it ever cold. Although, there was virtually no wind, so I was very lucky. It could have been much colder. However, I was accustomed to beautiful fall weather, as that was the last time I went running, so the brisk cold was […]

Dec 2

Sun '12

Santa Shuffle

My friend and I ran our 2nd annual Santa Shuffle 5km fun run on Saturday. It was so fun. I have to say that neither of us were looking forward to this race. It hadn’t stopped snowing since Thursday and it was so cold outside. The windchill was really what made us worry, but we […]

Dec 2

Fri '11

Holiday Baking No-No

I was going to start my holiday baking this week. It didn’t happen. I also didn’t do any baking last year because I was still trying to lose weight. I didn’t want the goodies around to tempt me. This year, as I am maintaining, I figured it would be okay to have a little bit […]

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