Nov 18

Mon '13

NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 18 – Winter running

I went for my first winter run of the year today. Man was it ever cold. Although, there was virtually no wind, so I was very lucky. It could have been much colder. However, I was accustomed to beautiful fall weather, as that was the last time I went running, so the brisk cold was […]

Dec 16

Sun '12

Frozen Running

While my Uncle was in town last weekend, we managed to get 3 morning runs in. As I didn’t have to work right away on the day of the first run, we headed out at 7:30am. It wasn’t too cold and we only needed one jacket. We took it easy and only ran 6KM. On […]

Nov 27

Sun '11

Oh I’m Just Running Around

So I have decided to further my running “career.” As much as I have bitched about running in the past, I have made a huge decision to increase my running. I am going to run a 30KM race with my uncle in March. 😮 This is a huge endeavour for me. Honestly, I dislike running. […]

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