Apr 10

Fri '15

Last Broadway

It’s no secret that I LOVE theatre! So it’s very heart wrenching to announce my Mom and I went to our last Broadway show on Sunday. We’ve had season tickets for many years now for the Braoadway shows that come to Calgary. Sadly, we did not renew our subscription this year. The upcoming season’s lineup […]

Jan 21

Tue '14

All alone again

The first time Peter left me at home alone, it turned out to be 2 1/2 days. He has only left me one other time for another period of 2 days. This week is the longest as he has left on his first business trip for 5 days. I have a lot of trouble when […]

Jan 9

Thu '14

Losing her

I have wanted to write this post for almost 2 years. I never have because I haven’t wanted to air my dirty laundry on this blog. Also writing it down makes it all so real. However, it has affected me so deeply that I simply need to share and get some advice. Please be prepared, […]

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