Nov 19

Tue '13

NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 19 – We’re not all dog lovers

I know I am going to probably be in a lot of bad books from a lot of people after posting this, but this is my blog and I am entitled to my own opinion. After last week’s post about things I dislike, I wanted to post one more thing, but I thought it deserved […]

Nov 8

Fri '13

NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 8 – Horror makes me unhappy

I was over at my friend’s house last night to watch a movie and she was having quite a bad day, so I let her pick what we watched. Normally, the horror/scary movie genre is always off the table because I really hate them. They almost always give me nightmares and really, it just comes […]

Jun 21

Fri '13

Safe during the Flood

Sometimes I have been upset with where I live in Calgary. I used to complain that there was really only one way in and out of our community and on some days, it could really be a nightmare to get to where I wanted to go. However, today I am one grateful girl. As many […]

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