Apr 10

Mon '17

Gluten free?

Ever since having babies, I haven’t really blogged about just “me.” Although, babies and kids are now my entire life, I thought I’d write a post about something that is going on with just me. Sadly, when going over different topics in my head, everything I could say seems like I will be complaining. Ah […]

Nov 11

Tue '14

Baby Ezri is in the hospital

There is nothing harder than seeing your newborn baby sick in the hospital. Constantly watching her hooked up to so many machines and being poked, prodded and tested on. She has given more blood in the last 24 hours than I have in my entire life, I swear. Now I know that she is in […]

Jul 5

Sat '14

My Pregnancy: Weeks 1-20

I know that I have already posted a couple pregnancy posts, but I am just so excited that I want to shout everything from the mountain tops for everyone to hear. I also want to document everything that I can and as I don’t have a journal, this is the best place for me to […]

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