Mar 11

Sun '12

Feeling Comfortable

So I bought a new car in October and I have been driving it around trying to decide if I made a good choice in buying it. I can officially say that I am a happy buyer. I am really enjoying my Matrix. Although we have had a very mild winter here in Calgary, I […]

Feb 13

Mon '12

There and back again

This world is a crazy place. In a matter of 4 hours, I left this: and came home to this: I am very sad to be back in our snowy, cold Canadian city. I love living here in such a beautiful country, but to be frank, our weather really sucks. That is the thing I […]

Nov 27

Sun '11

Oh I’m Just Running Around

So I have decided to further my running “career.” As much as I have bitched about running in the past, I have made a huge decision to increase my running. I am going to run a 30KM race with my uncle in March. 😮 This is a huge endeavour for me. Honestly, I dislike running. […]

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