Oct 18

Sat '14


Life sure flies by when you’re not paying attention. I can’t believe it’s already more than halfway through October. I ordered a Halloween maternity shirt off of etsy at the end of September but only found out on Thursday that it wouldn’t even have been shipped until the 20th of October. I was not a […]

Jul 26

Sat '14

Annual camping trip

Peter and I just got back from Cranbrook, BC where we go every summer for our annual camping trip. Unfortunately this trip wasn’t as pleasant as previous years. We arrived on Sunday and it was a great start to the week. We looked forward of the rest of the trip. Unfortunately it went downhill from […]

Nov 28

Wed '12

NaBloPoMo: Day 28 – Subway Sandwiches

Well it has come to my attention that I may never be able to live in the United States. Let me explain: Peter and I both love Subway Sandwiches. They are healthy and delicious and make for a quick tasty meal. The only reason I love it so much is for the Sub Sauce. Sub […]

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