Aug 10

Fri '12

Mary Poppins Blunder

On Sunday, my Mom and I went to see Mary Poppins the Musical. As a part of Broadway Across Canada, this wonderful stage production came to Calgary for 8 shows last week. We have seasons tickets to BAC and so we were delighted to be seeing such a wonderful stage production. We got our tickets […]

Apr 2

Mon '12

Hunger Gamed out

So I went and saw the Hunger Games. It was not what I was hoping for. In fact, I was disappointed. Please don’t misunderstand me, the storyline was great and stayed fairly true to the books, but it was the cinematography that angered me. The camera was so shaky that it made me nauseous almost […]

Dec 4

Fri '09


THIS POST HAS BEEN ARCHIVED FROM A PREVIOUS BLOGGING SYSTEM. It has been snowing all day here! The roads are just terrible. It took me 3x as long to get home today than it usually does. Ick. It is days like these that I wish I lived in California like my dear friend Cristina. I […]

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