Nov 27

Mon '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 27 – Score

We scored big today! As we are trying to cut costs where we can, I decided to call our ISP today to cancel our TV cable. To be honest, we spend most of our time watching Netflix, so it really isn’t used that much in our house except for watching Disney Junior for the kidlets. […]

Feb 17

Tue '15

Cable anyone?

Last week our internet service provider called and offered us a home bundle package. We usually always say no to these sales pitches because they just don’t strike our interest. However, the ISP must have caught me on a good day because I was suckered in. They offered a pretty good deal. For $5 more […]

Feb 1

Sat '14

One month review

As it is February 1st, I thought I would take a look at how my 2014 goals are going so far. I will try to reaccess each month and possibly change/update them. Eat out only once a week – I have cooked lot more at home recently for sure! Even on days when we’re 2 […]

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