Jun 22

Fri '12


For the first time in my entire life I’ve lost my voice. I can’t say that I wanted it to happen, but now that it has, I know it’s not something I want to happen ever again. It really sucks. I had been battling a sore throat for a few days and just when I […]

Feb 4

Sat '12

Packed and ready to go

We are all packed and ready to go!! We have spent the last two days cleaning the house, emptying out the fridge, changing the sheets, and getting ourselves ready for our vacation. That way we can come home to a nice clean house and not have to worry about anything else when we get back. […]

Jan 6

Fri '12

Vacation Count Down

I am officially on a count down to Peter and my vacation to Mexico in February. We leave on February 5. I know it’s early, but since it’s less than a month before we leave, I am getting so excited. It will be the first “real” vacation that we have had together. Sure, we have […]

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