Mar 22

Sun '09

So guilty!


I feel so guilty for not posting on this blog for like two months. And every time I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to post because it had been so long. And then more and more time passed and I kind of just gave up. But today I just had an urge to post, thus, here I am. Bad Carolynne. It has been a busy couple months. I am working tons. But when I am at home, I am doing random things. I watched all 10 seasons of Friends and it was just great! After I finished those, I started playing Final Fantasy XII again and I have almost beaten the game. I must say that I am getting a little tired of it. And I have definitely been neglecting my online activities and stuff. I had over 100 members to add to my fanlistings today. :dead: But I deserve it for leaving them for so long.

I am not going to guarantee that I will be back to post any time soon, but who knows!! 🙂

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