Dec 9

Wed '09



Today was one of the slowest days at work that I have had in years. It was so horrible. But to make things a little more interesting, the truck driver who delivers our food ran into a telephone/electricity pole with his truck and it nearly fell over. Fire trucks and police had the area cordoned off for more than 2 hours and then the electricity people spent the next 4 hours putting a new pole in the ground and attaching the power lines. And keep in mind that it was -30°C outside. BRRRR :dead: VERY cold. So the whole pole thing was probably why we were so slow.

Speaking of cold and snow, Peter’s car has been stuck in the alley for 4 days. On Friday night we had terrible winds and a horrible snow storm. The winds filled our alley with over 4 feet of snow. No one has been able to drive through the alley at all :unsure: I have had to drive Peter to and from work because obviously his poor car is out of commission for the moment. I called the city to see if there was anything that they could do about it and they basically said tough tittie. They told us to shovel the car out. And I was like,”THE WHOLE ALLEY?!?” Anyway, the garbage truck is “supposed” to come tomorrow, but I highly doubt it will be able to get through either. The lady from the city told me that if the garbage people complain, only then will the city do something about it 😡 UGH! So cross your fingers that some how the garbage truck gets through all the snow and makes a path so Peter can get out!!

I saw Everbody’s Fine yesterday. It was a really good movie. I was really impressed with Robert Deniro’s performance. I am so used to seeing him in roles where he is a bad/tough/mean guy. Well, in this movie, he was…in no other words…human. He was able to capture the audience and keep our attention. He gained our sympathy. He made laugh. He made us cry. It was truly amazing. I haven’t seen that side of Deniro before and it was moving to see him…human! I recommend the movie to you all!! :happy:

Well I should really get to making some more presents for my Secret Santa from TFL.ORG!

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