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A Week In My Life


I saw this on Cristina’s blog and thought it would be neat to do. I don’t know if anyone really cares what I do everyday…but anyway! :geek:

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Monday – Time for work! I get up at 6:25am, make my lunch, have breakfast and get to work for 7:20am. After work I go to the gym for a couple hours. I get home around 5:00pm and it’s time to make dinner. After dinner is free time to do whatever I want.
Tuesday – It’s my Friday! Same as Monday, get up, eat, make lunch, go to work, go to the gym. But then from the gym, I meet my mom at Weight Watchers for our 5:30pm meeting. Then I make dinner and free time from then on.
Wednesday – Day off!! I get up, eat breakfast and go to the gym. Then I usually go to the grocery store and stock up for the week. I come home and make lunch and then it’s free time from then on. I usually catch up on TV shows, or watch movies and cross stitch.
Thursday – Another day off! It is pretty much the same as Wednesday. Get up, eat, go to the gym and the rest of the day doing what I please :blush: Thursdays are often Peter’s day off too, so we spend time together watching Star Trek or movies or something.
Friday – It’s Monday for me. Back to work 🙁 I work at nights on Fridays. So I get up, eat, go to the gym and get ready for work. I pack my dinner and go to work from 1:50pm-8:00pm. Then I usually just watch a show and go to bed.
Saturday – Get up at 7:00am and get to work for 7:50am. After work, I go to the gym and then come home and make dinner. After that is free time.
Sunday – It’s my busiest day at work. I get up at 8:00am, eat, make my lunch and am there for 8:50am. After work, I go out with my friends for dinner and a movie.

So that is my typical week. I mean I do other things too. Once a month I volunteer for Theatre Calgary. I also have season tickets to 3 different theatre companies and their shows are incorporated into my schedule a few times a month!

Anyway, I am working hard with Weight Watchers. So far, I have lost 18.8lbs and counting! I am also still plugging away at learning wordpress. These things are slow in the making! LOL 🙂

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