Mar 26

Fri '10

It’s Spring

It’s raining outside! 😀 You know what that means, right?! It’s finally spring. Whooo. I am so sick of snow. I mean we have had a very mild winter here in Calgary (it set records), but I am truly a summer girl. I love when the weather is 30 degrees celcius! It rocks. I have a convertible and why else would I have that if I didn’t love the sunshine. Hahaha. I wish that I could move south to California or something where it is hot all the time. Except that I am so proudly Canadian that I wouldn’t be able to leave this beautiful country :geek:

My car is having troubles 🙁 It’s not behaving at all. Bear in mind that it is a 96 Mustang, so it is an older car. Well last week, the daytime running lights decided to stay on while I was at work and it killed my battery. My dad came and boosted me and when I got to his house, he had to unhook the battery so my battery wouldn’t die again. He spent all day Saturday fixing it for me. He had to replace the Daylight Running Lights Module and of course it was in this tiny nook and cranny in the car. But he managed to save the day and fix my car. He also saved me a lot of money. So I thought I was in the clear and my car was all better.

Then on Wednesday, I quickly drove over to the mailbox and shut off my car. I put the mail in the box and tried to start up my car to go home, and it didn’t start! WHAT?! I mean it was turning over, but it just wasn’t connecting with the engine to actually start. So I had to call Peter and he came and started it for me. On the first try too *grumbles* So I thought it was just a fluke. Anyway, when I tried to go to the gym the next morning, I started it with my automatic car starter FOB. It started fine. I was about to drive away when I remembered something in the house. I shut the car off, got my thing from the house and tried to leave. Well, the car didn’t start! It did the same thing it had done the night before! WTF. So I kept trying and no go. I waited about 1/2 an hour and it started.

I haven’t had any trouble since yesterday morning though. So I really don’t know what is wrong with my baby! 🙁 I am at my parents house right now so my dad can take a look at the car…but of course it is raining so he can’t do anything right now. Grr. I also have an appointment at the mechanic on Monday. Hopefully my dad will save the day again and be able to fix it so I can cancel the appointment and save money 😀 But honestly, it isn’t doing anything wrong right now so how is my dad supposed to know what’s wrong if he can’t even see the problem.

Boo, it’s hard to own an older car. Even if you treat them so nice, they still like to misbehave! xP

BTW, totally off subject, but did you know that there is a nude scene (or two) in the new Harry Potter movies?! Crazy. It’s definitely not just for kids anymore!!

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