May 3

Mon '10


Random thought: Did you know that the water in the washroom at Southcentre Mall’s food court is ALWAYS cold!! It really drives me crazy. I like to wash my hands in warm water, but no, it’s insistent on being cold 🙄 Grr

My friends and I went for East Indian food on Saturday night. While it was tasty, it was ridiculously expensive. We got this tiny dish of sauce with a few pieces of chicken in it. It was $16. xP Then you had to pay extra for naan bread and extra for rice as well. Ugh. I liked the food, but I would never order “a la carte” again. It is way better to go to a buffet. That way you can also sample an array of things instead of just one dish. Plus, unlimited naan!!!

It’s been a bad week for Weight Watchers. I ate out 5 times! Shit. I did work out 6 times though and I ate all my necessary fruits/vegetables…but still. I weigh in tomorrow and I still expect a loss, but not a very big one. But that’s okay, it happens. Life is supposed to be enjoyable. I can’t deprive myself. I will jump back on the wagon starting tomorrow!

Something a customer at work said to me scared me a little bit :blank: He said that if a person loses more than 25lbs a year, their skin won’t be able to adjust and it won’t “fit properly.” I really don’t want to end up looking like Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. See what I mean here. Now that would be a nightmare. As I have lost 42lbs in 4 months, I am freaking out. I know that everybody’s bodies are different, but who knows what’s gonna happen. My friend, Kassandra, says that as long as I am working out and toning my body, the skin should adjust properly. And it’s not like I’m losing the weight too fast. Anyway, it’s not like I’m just going to say, well I have to stop losing weight now until next year. :unsure: Yeah right.

My car broke again. GAH! It turned out that my radiator had a crack in it. So when it broke down a few weeks ago it was because of my radiator. I had it in the shop today and they replaced the radiator and made it all better! $500 later and it’s like new again….at least for a little while.

Anyway, that’s all my random thoughts for now. :heart:

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