Dec 27

Mon '10


In my weight watchers meeting today, the leader asked us to share our highlights of 2010. At first, I didn’t want to speak up even though I did have some very important highlights of 2010. But then I decided it was probably a good idea to share my experiences. 

I put up my hand and when it was my turn to speak, I put into words something that I have needed to say for awhile. 2010 changed my life completely. I lost 70lbs and am less than 2 pounds away from my goal weight. I am the fittest I have ever been in my entire life. My whole attitude towards food and exercise have done a 360. I think before I put something in my mouth and I know that I need to lead an active lifestyle. 2010 has taught me to be a healthier human being. I have to give a lot of credit to the weight watchers organization as I could not have succeeded without them. 

I only hope that with 2011, I will continue with my healthy lifestyle and stay committed to my choices of 2010. 

I am truly a happier person. 

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One Response to “Changed”

  • Cathrine
    December 28, 2010 @ 4:10 pm

    2010 was exactly the same for me, the year I changed my life. I adopted a healthier lifestyle, got a new hobby (working out), started thinking more positive, and I feel so good about it. You’ve motivated me, I feel so happy for you that you’ve succeeded and reached your goals, and I’m sure that this is just the beginning for you. (And me.) I think you did the right thing by sharing your experiences! Maybe you’ve helped motivate others as well. I hope 2011 will be even better for you 😀

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