Nov 18

Fri '11

Ripping Us Off

I really feel like the entertainment industry is ripping us off. Let me explain.

I LOVE to watch movies. It doesn’t matter if I have seen the movie 1 or 100 times, I will watch them over and over. See what movies I’ve watched in 2011. I own many many many movies. They are in an array of vhs, dvd and blu-ray formats. See my movie shelves here. They are from floor to ceiling and span the width of my room. I am already on the bottom shelf and will have to start thinking of expanding the shelves onto another wall.

Anyway, I will all of a sudden get in the mood for a movie and I will watch it. I love the convenience of having them at my finger tips. I also have the tendency to watch an entire series. If I see the 1st movie in a series, I have to watch the whole series very soon after. It’s a thing I just have to do.

Now, as I said above, I have many movies in many formats. I don’t really care about super great quality in my movies as long as I get the story. I have never really been one for all the special features that have become a staple in dvds and blu-ray. I don’t like to watch “making of” featurettes because I feel like the magic of the movies disappears. If something is done with blue screen, I honestly don’t want to know. I want to believe Harry Potter really is flying a broom on a quidditch feild and that bumblebee really is a car that can turn into a transformer. I hate knowing movie secrets. Because every time I watch a movie after I see some of the special features revealed, that’s all I can think about. The magic is no longer there. I hate it. BOO!!

On another note, I do love seeing deleted scenes. I think they should be included in every dvd release, and I think normally they are. When I go to buy a new movie, there are often 3 different versions I can choose. I can buy the dvd, which just includes the movie and usually a minimal amount of special features. Or I can choose the special edition dvd, which is often 2 dvds, that includes all the special features ever imaginable. Of course, to buy the SP DVD, I have to pay an extra $5-$10. Or I can choose to buy the blu-ray version of the movie, which might contain a few more special features than the original dvd, but again, I will have to pay and extra $5-$10. No thanks. All I really want is the movie.

Anyhow, I just finished watching my copy of Twilight: Eclipse for the first time today. After finishing the movie, I wanted to watch the deleted scenes. Much to my dismay, I realize there were no special features at all. None. I am very disappointed. I spent $18 on the stupid dvd and ALL I got was the movie. In all fairness, that’s all I really wanted, but they could have at least included the deleted scenes. Hollywood wants us all to pay the extra money for all the stupid extra features. They don’t seem to want to give anything away for cheap these days.

In my personal opinion, there should only be ONE copy of every movie ever released. It should include the following: DVD, Blu-ray, digital copy AND all the special features all for one price. That way we don’t have any other choice in what we buy. I realize the movie would be more expensive, but then we get everything and the consumer doesn’t have to dish out enormous amounts of money for 3 different copies of the same flipping movie. But no, why would they do that?! It would mean millions of dollars they wouldn’t earn. Give me a break!!!

Argh, this post have been all over the place, I know, but I just wanted to watch the stupid deleted scenes!!! LOL

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One Response to “Ripping Us Off”

  • Erica
    November 19, 2011 @ 4:28 pm

    Ew Twilight. πŸ˜›

    But in all seriousness, I only buy movies on iTunes now. You can rent them on there, too! Cheaper than DVDs, can still come with special features (sometimes), and take up less space than physical media. πŸ˜‰

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