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I hate some drunk people

Can I just say that I really hate it that when some people drink, they become stupid idiots?! It really doesn’t matter what age they are or what sex, when drinking, some people can be so obnoxious, rude and annoying. Why is there a need binge drink on so much alcohol that one loses control of themselves?! It’s even worse when people who are already idiots drink. I mean can these certain people really enjoy what they are drinking after their 7th shot of alcohol or more? Why is it so necessary for some people to get hammered every weekend? What good comes of it?! NONE. It’s a waste of money and extremely irritating. These people need to GROW UP.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to have the occasional drink at dinner parties and special occasions, but I do not want to get smashed. Ever. In truthfulness, I have never actually been drunk. Two reasons why – One: I have no interest in losing control like that. Two: I have Emetophobia, a fear of vomiting. I have never wanted to push myself to the point where I will throw up. What’s the point in drinking when I am just going to vomit anyway? Ugh.

The reason I am bringing this post up is because I was at Peter’s Drive In on Friday night and a bus load of young drunk people pulled up. I was in line for my food when they all piled out and lined up in the various lines around me. They were yelling so loud to each other and they reeked like booze. It was really quite nauseating, actually. They were cussing up a storm and laughing about how some of their friends were still on the bus puking their guts out. Ew. I really didn’t want to know that. Did I mention I have emetophobia?! I was so worried that one of them would start barfing all over. Not pleasant in my head. I even started shaking I was so scared. Then, two guys started fighting and they were rolling all over the ground. They nearly bowled me over and didn’t even care or notice. The lady behind me asked them to cut it out and then they finally realized there were other people around. Morons. Most of the drunk people from that bus were very rude. They weren’t using any manners and they had very little respect for anyone else around them. AHHHHHH.

I think this whole issue is the reason I didn’t really like being in Las Vegas. The food was great, the hotels were amazing to see and the wedding I went to was absolutely beautiful. But I constantly walked around in fear that I would see/hear someone puking. Or that I would see puke on the sidewalks and stuff. I only heard it happen once, thank goodness, as it could have been worse. However, Vegas was too much of a party – all day and all night. There were annoying drunk people everywhere. No matter what time of day it was. We even saw some guy getting pushed by a paramedic in a wheelchair, drooling and passed out because he was so intoxicated. I am sure he had had his stomach pumped or something. Then, on our plane ride home from Vegas, I had the “lucky coincidence” of being sat next to a hungover guy on board. He made 3 trips to the toilet to barf. I was on edge the whole flight. It was a very long 4 hour flight. When we finally landed at home, he said to me that he tried so hard not to puke at his seat. I AM SO GLAD HE DID. I would have freaked the hell out. 😡 Because of that incident, it makes me scared to fly, AGAIN. I was just getting used to flying and now it’s all gone down the shitter.

Ok, I know I worry too much and I let my phobia get the best of me, but in my opinion, binge drinking is SO RIDICULOUS. UGH. Go ahead and drink, but drink responsibly. Please enjoy oneself, but not too much, as there is a possibility that one could become an idiot.

Ugh. This post has made me get progressively madder as I have been writing so I think I should stop now before I dig myself any deeper. I really need to calm down. I just really needed to vent. :sick:

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3 Responses to “I hate some drunk people”

  • Rachel
    December 11, 2011 @ 8:04 pm

    I’ve only ever been drunk once, and it was more annoying that anything. I just got really tired and I was annoyed that I had to stop walking to send a text message because alcohol inhibits one’s ability to multitask. I don’t need to drink to have fun (and I think it’s really sad when people feel they have to… I know someone who drinks at parties because otherwise she feels socially awkward), so I’m good with never getting drunk again. 🙂

    When I was at Rock on the Range (a two-day music festival) last year, this guy ran past my friend and me, stopped, and vomited on the ground. It was absolutely disgusting. I don’t know if he was drunk or just dehydrated, but eughhh. Someone walked through it later who hadn’t seen it happen and didn’t know the vomit was there. Double eughhh. 😛

  • Jackie
    December 11, 2011 @ 9:30 pm

    I could NOT agree more. Oh my word! I think I would have lost my appetite when they started talking about people puking while I was in line or waiting for food. I have a very weak stomach.

    I’m not really a drinker. If I can taste alchohol I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve gotten buzzed or maybe a bit drunk. But not to the point of puking or having a hang over or anything like that. And that was in my 20’s. I’m 40 now so I have even less patients for that crap!

    Hope things get better for you.

  • Jackie
    December 13, 2011 @ 4:23 pm

    I just read your weight loss tab. I’m so impressed! I have been on and off Weight Watchers but, it was just from going off an old book that one of my family members gave me. I need to get on the stick and lose more weight. At my biggest I was 239.9. I’m down to 207 and it fluxes as you know when your not really paying attention. So, with your insperational story I think I might talk my husband into going to WW with me. He has been complaining big time about needing to lose weight. If we do it together it will make it easier right?

    Jackie (sorry I didn’t have an email address for you)

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