Mar 27

Tue '12

Full week in Toronto

I am back home from Toronto. I had an awesome time. Of course, it was too short, but still great. The weather was AMAZING! I actually got a sunburn one day because it was 26C! That is very unusual for Toronto in March. I saw people outside gardening and one man was actually mowing his lawn!! It was crazy. I am so glad we picked such a great week to visit. It’s not as warm here in Calgary, but the high is supposed to be 13C tomorrow. I may end up going for a run if it’s nice enough.

I was a little depressed as I was shopping. I was looking for a one piece jumpsuit. I think they are so cute, so I was on the prowl. I managed to find quite a few different styles at different stores. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t fit my body the way I wanted. I am smaller from the waist up but I have big hips and butt. That makes it hard to find clothes that fit just perfect. I did find this jumpsuit at H&M. There were 3 different styles, but I just bought one. I might go back for the other two. I didn’t want to pay the 13% tax when I knew I only have to pay 5% tax here in Calgary. But just in case they don’t have it here, I bought one. I look forward to the weather being nice enough here to wear my new outfit.

As I was exploring and shopping all over Toronto, I took the transit everywhere that wasn’t within walking distance. They have a very fast and efficient transit system. I was very impressed. However, I almost got a $500 fine for walking in an area that only buses were allowed. I didn’t see the sign about going to the building across the street and taking the underground tunnel route. A bus driver stopped me and told me where I should go. It was totally embarrassing. I was lucky that he didn’t call the police or something. Needless to say, I will look around for no pedestrian signs from now on.

When we were in Cambridge, my uncle took us wine tasting to some of the “Niagara on the Lake” wineries. It was so cool. I had never been to any kind of vineyard before and there were SO many to choose from. We probably visited 10 different places. I had to stop tasting near the end because the 2 hour car ride home would not have been good for my stomach. The best place we visited was The Ice House because they specialized in Ice Wine and gave us free ice wine slushies as we walked in the door. One thing I noticed is that some people are really serious about their wine. I can hardly notice the difference between the different kinds. Oh well. It was a blast. At one of the wineries, there was a kitty that lived there. She was super friendly and played with me the whole time we were there. I wanted to take her home with me. Awww!

Shrek the Musical was so great!! It was everything I hoped for and more. There was only one part that made me sad. My favourite song (Build A Wall) was cut from the show. It was in the show when they were on Broadway, but since they have taken the show on tour, they don’t perform it anymore. It was disappointing. They also changed the dragon’s song from Donkey Pot Pie to a song called Forever. Now that was a GREAT move as Forever is a much catchier and fun tune. Click on the link to see part of the video 🙂

My little 2.5 year old cousin was so adorable. And she loved me almost instantly. Within 5 minutes of arriving, she wanted to sit on my lap and play games with me. Then not even 20 minutes later, she wanted me to take her to the bathroom. Not her mom or dad, but me. I really had no idea what to do as I have never taken a toddler to the bathroom. Luckily she knew exactly what she was doing and I just had to “supervise” and hold her up while she washed her hands. It definitely made me feel super special that she liked me so much. We had fun playing hide-and-seek, tag, reading books, playing with thomas the tank engine, watching Dora the explorer and so much more. She kept me busy. However, it was a little unfortunate as I didn’t get to visit with the adults as much as I would have liked. Oh well.

I am glad to be home, but I am definitely going to miss my family in Ontario. It was so nice to be able to spend time with them. They come out here in July for their next visit, so I look forward to seeing them then.

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4 Responses to “Full week in Toronto”

  • jackie
    March 28, 2012 @ 10:23 am

    What did your uncle say about the cross stitch? I am dieing to find out. 🙂

    The trip sounds amazing. So glad Shrek was so good. 🙂

    You little rule braker! lol j/k In a new place it’s hard to take in every little thing. Esp. when you are trying to find your way from point a to point b. Your lucky you got a bus driver that was so cool.

    BTW, Isn’t it nice having a husband you can enjoy being around. We are lucky girls. Not every woman or man wants to be around their spouse and that’s sad. Thank’s for stopping by my blog! I really appriciate it.

  • Latrina
    March 29, 2012 @ 10:15 pm

    Sounds like a fun trip! That jumpsuit is adorable by the way — I wish I could pull something off like that, but I just don’t think I could. 😛

  • Cathrine
    March 30, 2012 @ 4:23 am

    I can taste the difference between red and white wine, that’s how great my wine knowledge is, haha 😀 It sounds like a great trip, you got to do quite a lot. I want to see the musical just from watching that clip! 😀

  • Holly
    April 1, 2012 @ 12:49 am

    That jumpsuit is pretty cool, though I don’t know if it’s something I would wear.

    Your little cousin sounds adorable! I love little kids like that!

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