Nov 18

Sun '12

NaBloPoMo: Day 18 – Florida Vacation: Day 5

Peter and I went on an adventure today. We took a road trip to his parent’s house in Cape Coral, Florida. It was about a 3 hour drive from our hotel in Kissimmee.

The drive was nice and it didn’t seem too long. We’re were getting tired about halfway through so instead of cross stitching and listening to Harry Potter on audiobook, we did a crossword together. As Peter was driving, I read the clue and he would help me fill it in. For our pee break, we pulled into a McDonald’s. As it was morning, I doubted they would have their milkshake machine working. Well I was wrong, haha, so I had my second egg nog milkshake!!

When we arrived, I finally got to visit the vacation rental that I designed the website for. It was so much bigger than I thought. The pictures definitely don’t do it jealous. My in-laws have really made it a unique place to stay. They have wonderful themes around the house and all 3 bedrooms are huge. The master bathroom might even be bigger than our master bedroom at home. It would be a great place to stay!

Peter and his dad rented a boat and spent a few hours on the water. It was really windy so they had a choppy ride. I am really glad I didn’t go as I would have gotten motion sickness for sure!! But they seemed to have a great time. I spent some time in the pool at the house and then my mother in-law took me around the town a bit. I saw the local beach and we did a tiny bit of shopping. It was a wonderful relaxing afternoon. They took us out for dinner and we were able to have some nice fresh seafood. Mmmm. Dessert was dairy queen ice cream cones. BUT not just any cone, I had a chocolate ice cream cone with butterscotch dip. OMG!! I loved the chocolate soft serve. I really wish Canada had it. We used to have the butterscotch dip, but they took it away about 10 years ago, at least. It was a delicious little treat 😀

However, there was one downside to the day. As my in-laws flew to Florida before we did and are coming home before we do, we drove them to the airport. Then we drove their car to the airport and parked in long term parking. That way they would have a car to take home when they arrive and will still be able to come and get us when we arrive home a couple days later. This was a perfect idea as we were coming to visit them here and so we could bring them the car keys. Well guess what, in all the hustle and bustle this morning to get on the road, we forgot to bring the keys :blank: CRAP!!! I was so angry with us. Peter and I had one simple thing to do and we forgot. Argh. So upset.

Well we worked out a way to do it in the end. My parents are going to pick Peter’s parents up at the airport on Tuesday and we will just drive the car to them when we get home on Thursday. A little inconvenient, but better then driving back to Kissimmee to get the keys, then back to Cape Coral to drop the keys off and then back to Kissimmee again. Ugh :dead: it is definitely a mistake we will never make again!! Stupid.

As I’m typing, we are headed back to the hotel in Kissimmee. Still about 2 more hours until we get there, but as soon as we do, it will be bedtime.

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