Nov 20

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NaBloPoMo: Day 20 – Florida Vacation: Day 7

Peter and I slept in this morning as we didn’t want to get up for opening at Epcot. Since we slept in so late, the continental breakfast was over and so we went to Perkins for breakfast. They had some delicious pumpkin spice pancakes which I had to try. They were really good and only $5.

When we got to Epcot, it was crazy busy. I can now see the benefit of going for the opening of the park. The main attraction at the park is Soaring’ and the wait was 170 minutes. It’s a fun ride, but I would never ever want to wait that long for a 5 minute ride. That’s just ridiculous.

We walked around the country pavilions and both Peter and I felt a sense of extreme pride during the Canadian presentation. We really do live in a beautiful country. There were also 2 girls working in “Canada” that were from Calgary. Oh yeah! We decided to eat lunch in the park today and so we chose sushi in Japan. It was quite tasty at that. I was surprised by one thing, however. They served their edamame cold. Every place I have ever ordered edamame at, it has always been served hot. When I make it at home, I eat it hot. Eating it cold was a totally different sensation. So weird. I read on Wikipedia that it is usually served cold, but can be served hot. Humph. Hot is better for sure 🙂

The cool thing about the country pavilions were that all the cast members that work in them were actually from the country. It really gave a sense of being a world apart. We had a great time. I bought a frozen mojito, which is almost the most amazing slushy drink I have ever had!!!

Today was actually the first day we’ve seen the sun for more than half an hour. To tell the truth, it’s been really cloudy and I’ve needed a coat every day. It’s been windy and cool as well. I didn’t want to blog about the weather because I was so bummed. I am so glad to finally have a day of nice weather. When the sun went down, it did get cold almost immediately, but I am not going to complain. I haven’t really felt like a “true Canadian” as I’ve been so cold. I am used to much colder temperatures. Something’s wrong with me. Lol.

I did a little more shopping this evening and I even ventured out on my own. It was the first time Peter and I had been apart for over a week. Lol. It’s nice to know that we don’t get sick of each other. I found my buffalo chicken rice packs. Phew. I also found a pretty awesome stand for my cross stitch charts. It will be so handy in places I can’t use my stand. I look forward to trying it out on the airplane!

Epcot was the final of 6 parks that we came to visit. I am glad to be done seeing new things. Tomorrow we will probably return to Magic Kingdom for a few hours. Before the airport on Thursday, we will go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again. We’ve had a great time so far, but it’s not quite over!

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