Nov 24

Sat '12

NaBloPoMo: Day 24 – Recipe Organization

I have so many cookbooks and to be honest, I very rarely look through them to find recipes. I have my favourite recipes memorized and I don’t vary my menus much. However, having so many cookbooks does not prevent me from buying more. I just bought 3 more books off of amazon. With no more room in my drawers and nowhere to put these new books, I decided it was time to go though all my cookbooks and see which ones I wanted to keep. The rest I will give to family/friends or a garage sale.

Now, going through my books brought up the problem of how I should organize my recipes. Do I copy the recipes from the books? Do I rip out the pages? What do I do?! Well I decided to take a picture of each recipe I wanted and then import them onto my computer.

When it comes to cooking, I like the option of having the recipe at my finger tips whenever I want, through my iPhone or iPad, but also at my computer. I found the Key Ingredient website and it seems pretty good so far. The time consuming bit will entering each individual recipe. Oh and also remembering to take a picture of the recipes I do make.

I have gone through at least 30 books so far and I am so happy with how much room I am creating. Digital storage really is the way to go. Plus I usually end up finding most of my recipes online anyway. Cookbooks are sort of a way of the past. I still love them, but times are changing. I only have about 10 books left to go through and then I will get to the hard part of typing them all up.

Do you have any suggestions/other options for recipe organization? Anything would help!! I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I will be so happy with all spare room I’ll have.

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