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NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 8 – Horror makes me unhappy

I was over at my friend’s house last night to watch a movie and she was having quite a bad day, so I let her pick what we watched. Normally, the horror/scary movie genre is always off the table because I really hate them. They almost always give me nightmares and really, it just comes down to me being a giant chicken. However last night I said we could watch a scary movie if she wanted. I noticed that she owned the Woman in Black and I was a little bit interested in it. I had seen the stage play, so I knew the story. Plus I wanted to see how Daniel Radcliffe did in the role of Arthur.

Oh what a big mistake. I guess it doesn’t matter how much I know about the story, scary movies still scare the shit out of me. It’s not only when I am watching them either. What I’ve seen repeats over and over in my head afterward.

To tell the honest truth, I didn’t even watch much of the movie by looking at the screen. My friend and I always cross stitch while watching movies, so that is exactly what I was doing. My friend narrated a little for me so I didn’t have to look up at the really scary parts. I did glance up every so often and jumped out of my skin a couple times. During the movie, my friend sneezed and I screamed, literally. I was so on edge it was ridiculous. Ugh :dead:

In the play there were only the two lead male characters and the (uncredited) woman in black. They were limited to what they could do with the set and atmosphere. However, in the movie they had a much bigger cast and were able to show all the dead children and much scarier scenes. All it did was feed my mind with scary images and horrible thoughts. Hence, the movie was so much worse than the play.

As I arrived back home yesterday (in the dark of course) I had to keep my blinders on to everything around me. I kept repeating to myself that I have lived in my house almost 6 years and it is not haunted by a woman in black and I had nothing to worry about. So silly. I always let my mind wander so far that I scare myself when there is with nothing to be scared of. So that is exactly why I DON’T watch any kind of horror movie, ever.

So I just want it to be known that I like my happy little sheltered life. I don’t need to have a heart attack while I’m watching a movie. Some people like that thrill, but I sure do not. I would prefer to laugh or cry instead of scream in terror. Give me a corny kid’s animated flick any day!!

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One Response to “NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 8 – Horror makes me unhappy”

  • Karin
    November 9, 2013 @ 3:08 pm

    Haha, naaw. Sorry for laughing but it sounds pretty funny how you got so worked up XD
    I too get scared by horror movies – but unlike you I’m not smart enough to stay away from them. I will watch one, regret it and swear to stay away from the genre forever, and then happily watch another just weeks later… I never seem to learn. *rolls eyes*

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