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Oh deer

I just want to express my joy with living in the area of Calgary that I do. Just behind our alley is one of the biggest provincial parks in Canada, Fish Creek Park. It is wonderful to have the park so close to home. As a runner, having so many running paths just a couple blocks away is amazing. I don’t have to travel by car when I want to go for a run as I can simply I run from door to door. Also, if I choose to go for a bike ride, I don’t have to worry about repeating the same pathways during a workout.

Another fascinating bonus of living next to this park is that there is a lot of wildlife around. This week alone, I have seen deer on 4 separate nights. They are all over our yard and community. I always make sure to drive slow around corners in the neighbourhood because I never know what is going to run out in front of the car. The deer usually get a little spooked by the lights of the car, but they are great at getting away from the vehicles. I suppose the deer come into the community looking for food. Sometimes I will get up in the morning and see deer footprints all over the lawn. Even some droppings will be left behind.

My friend was with me in the car the other night when we came upon a pack of 3 deer. They trotted along the middle of the road and we followed them all the way into the alley. When I pulled into my parking spot, they kept going toward the park. It was really neat to see them walking along in a line. My friend was quite enthralled. She took a video and tried to get some nice pictures. It was hard as it was dark and through the windows, however.

I feel lucky to be able to see wildlife like this every day. Many people aren’t as fortunate. As much I sometimes curse my area because of the traffic during rush hour, I do love where I live!

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One Response to “Oh deer”

  • Kirsten
    December 24, 2013 @ 1:48 pm

    I used to live in the SE of Calgary in 90’s. I remember that park as well as many others. You are fortunate to be so close.

    I love where I live too. We had a moose in the middle of the city a few months ago. We get a lot of wildlife here too.

    At the same time it can be sad cause they get hurt as we move more and more on the lands that they call home.

    Still it’s beautiful to see them.

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