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No Clue

No ClueI was lucky enough to win tickets for an advance screening of No Clue. It is written by (and also stars) Brent Butt. To any fellow Canadians, that name might ring a bell. He was the quirky mind behind the Canadian comedy sitcom, Corner Gas. Definitely, he is one of the most brilliant, clever and funny comedians to come out of Canada.

The trailer for No Clue looked pretty corny and I wasn’t really sure how I would like it. However, the tickets were free so I thought I would attend the event anyway. Unfortunately no one was able to go with me, so I ventured to the show alone.

When it was time for the show to begin, there was a surprise guest who walked in to introduce the movie. Guess who it was!? Low and behold, Brent Butt was there to start the film rolling! How cool is that?! It was totally unexpected for everyone in the theatre. He sat and watched the movie with us and then held a little Q&A after the screening. It was pretty cool. Even on the spot he’s a funny guy.

The movie was very amusing and quite silly. It is the story of a salesman who is mistaken for a private detective and the crazy adventures that ensue. Amy Smart and Brent Butt made a great on screen team. The movie was shot in Vancouver and there were so many beautiful scenes from the city. I loved that little Canadian references and props were thrown in every so often. Tim Horton’s coffee cups and Timbits, colorful Canadian money and local license plates were among some of them. I love seeing movies that aren’t afraid to hide that they were made in Canada. Overall, the movie was inventive and quite entertaining. The movie comes out March 7 and I sure hope that it does well in the theatres.

Initially I had considered not going to the screening, but in the end, I am glad I did. I saw a cool movie with one of Canada’s brilliant actors. Haha.

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