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Letter to Jadzia: 4 months old

Jadzia 4 months old

Dear baby Jadzia,

How can it be possible that you are FOUR months old already?! I just cannot believe it. You are growing up so much. Your little personality is starting to shine through and you are truly becoming your own little person. I love you so much! I weighed you this morning and you came in at 11lbs 13oz! I can’t wait to find out your height at your next immunizations!

Oh you love to giggle whenever mommy tickles you or plays with your belly. It’s so adorable. I’ve even caught you giggling at your sister when she does silly things. I love how interactive you are becoming. You LOVE playing with toys. When you lay down on your play mat, you immediately grab for the rings and toys hanging from it.

Everything seems to go into your mouth these days…especially your hands and anyone’s fingers that are nearby. It’s funny, whenever anyone holds you, you can be seen bending to try to get ahold of any piece of fleshy finger to stuff into your mouth. You must be teething!! I took you to your first baby show and I bought you some teething rings. You love them so much. You can grab ahold of them and keep them in your mouth, but if you drop them, it’s a bit harder for you to pick them back up. They have great ridges that you can use to soothe your gums. The tricky part is keeping them out of your sister’s mouth!

You started taking naps in your crib this month. They went pretty well. You would sometimes cry when we first put you down, but went to sleep fairly quickly. After about a week of successful napping, your Daddy and I decided to move you into your crib full time for nights as well!! You have done wonderfully at sleeping in your own room. By wonderful, I mean we don’t have to move you into our room at any point in the night. Length of sleep is a different story altogether. You are still waking up 3-6 times a night. Every night is different. The longest stretch we had this month was 6.5 hours and that only happened once. You are usually up to eat every 2-3 hours. I am getting used to it, but I do wish you’d like to sleep for longer periods. I am sure it will come one day though.

The weather got a little nicer this month, so you have been getting to spend more and more time outside. I like to put you into the baby carrier and keep you snuggled nice and warm while exploring the outdoors. I think you are going to enjoy going for walks as the spring/summer months come along.

As with the past few months, you still do not like to take a bottle. You will eventually suck on it a tiny bit, but to be honest, the milk usually ends up dribbling out of your mouth and all over your clothes. I still haven’t left you for a long enough period to test when you get really hungry though. You hate soothers and will not suck on them. We honestly stopped trying to convince you to take one this month because it’s pointless. If we offer you a finger, you are all over it though haha.

You have started to like having baths! We’ve got you into a bit of a routine now that you get to bathe every other day. You no longer cry when you get into the bath and you are starting to kick your feet a tiny bit. Mostly you just try to eat the bubbles that are all over your hands. If we get you wrapped in a towel quick enough, you don’t cry anymore after the bath either! Yay.

You got your second cold this month. Your poor little nose was so runny and the sneezes came in threes. It was quite a bit harder for you to sleep. Thankfully you got over it pretty quick.

It’s amazing how much you can change and grow in one month. I look forward to what new and exiting thing comes next! I love you around the world infinite times!

Your Mommy
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