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Letter to Jadzia: 11 months old

Jadzia 11 months old


Double ones! You’re 11 months old today, baby girl. It’s been a great month. You are learning so much.

You have successfully stood up from a sitting position with out the aid of anything around you about a dozen times. You don’t stay on your feet very long, but you can still do it for a bit. Sometimes, while standing, you also let go of whatever you’re holding onto so that you are standing on your own. Again, not for long, but it’s coming. You’ve been moving yourself along the couch a bit too. We also have seen you use the baby walker to move a little bit. You are still trying to figure out how each foot goes in front of the other, so I know it’ll be perfected this coming month.

Your newest trick is playing with your tongue. If we ask you to “show us your tongue,” you stick your little tongue out of your mouth. It’s too adorable. You’re a little copycat, so if we stick our tongue out, yours follows as well. You love to blow raspberries, especially in the car seat.

Swimming lessons are going well. Your favourite thing is to sit in the shallow end and pick up toys from the bottom of the pool. You have done a few dunks under the water, but you don’t like them very much. You also don’t like to do any jumps in and out of the water. You still whimper a bit throughout the lesson, but you’re getting there.

I went back to work for 1 day this month and so you had your very first day without me. I was not worried because you were in great hands with your Daddy. Unfortunately you cried a whole bunch for him. It will be an adjustment for both of us to be away from each other. Even though you were a little sad, you still managed to play with your Daddy and sister and you even had 2 short naps.

You kill me with cuteness sometimes. When you want to be picked up, you crawl right on over to my legs, look up at me and lift your arms in the air over your head. There is absolutely no resisting you when you do that. It’s the best thing to see.

You are still very much afraid of strangers. Anyone you don’t know is not allowed to talk or look at you, let alone hold you. We were out for dinner the other night and I was talking to the server and she was admiring how cute you were and you just started crying so hard. When the server backed away, you stopped crying but you watched her very attentively. It’s sad because I want everyone to look at you and admire you, like I do. I hope your stranger danger will get a little better soon.

You are not a fan of animals yet. As we don’t have any pets, you really don’t get any exposure. We went to a birthday party this month and the party house was home to two dogs and a cat. You weren’t just scared, you were terrified. When you saw the dogs, you whimpered and cried, but when you saw the cat you actually screamed. It wasn’t a happy time for you, but I hope seeing more animals in the future can help calm your nerves.

I’m looking forward to your final month before you turn 1! I love you so much girl.

Love Mommy

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