Nov 29

Wed '17

NaBloPoMo 2017: Day 29 – A visit with Santa

I took the girls to visit Santa Claus at the mall today. I am totally thrilled with the picture we got! For the past few years, Ezri has screamed and cried while meeting Santa. So throughout this past year, I have been telling Ezri that Santa is a nice guy and that he brings presents and joy at Christmas time, but only if she was a good girl. I did everything I could this year to put him in a good light. As much as I love the screaming child photos, I really don’t want Ezri to be afraid of Santa her whole life.

Anyway, today we had success!! Ezri was excited to see Santa. She ran up and gave him a hug and she willingly sat on his lap. When he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said “presents please.” Ah, I am so proud.

Jadzia’s reaction was totally expected because that is what she does every time anyone she doesn’t know holds her. Sigh, we still have a few years of screaming photos ahead of us with her LOL.

Santa visit 2017

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