Apr 21

Mon '14

Spring biking

This week I decided it was time to uncover and revive my bike from it’s hiding place for the winter. I figured it was time to take it out for a small bike ride to put air into the tires and get used to sitting on the seat again. Can’t believe it’s been since September […]

Jan 3

Fri '14

So far so good

So week 1 of trying to eat better and exercising has gone well. I’ve lost 3.5lb according to my scale this morning. I know weight fluctuates throughout the day, but a loss is definitely encouraging. I hope to keep it up in the coming weeks. I’ve started to read the Divergent series while at the […]

Nov 18

Mon '13

NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 18 – Winter running

I went for my first winter run of the year today. Man was it ever cold. Although, there was virtually no wind, so I was very lucky. It could have been much colder. However, I was accustomed to beautiful fall weather, as that was the last time I went running, so the brisk cold was […]

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