Dec 14

Sat '13

Pathetic fat girl

That girl I used to know is back. That pathetic fat one. You know, the one I tried so hard to be rid of. Today is one of those days where I just feel so BLAH and depressed. I have let my whole weight thing get way out of hand. I have gained more weight […]

Nov 14

Thu '13

NaBloPoMo 2013: Day 14 – Tomorrow is the day

Tomorrow is the day that I will make a change. For months and months I have felt like crap. I have been eating like crap and have not been exercising. I am witnessing the numbers on the scale constantly increase. I have been looking at all the pictures from Florida and am actually disgusted by […]

Oct 7

Sun '12

They have it in for us

I know that I have posted about this in the past. But I think it needs to be stated again. I have an obsession with Mcdonalds. I LOVE it. It is my favourite fast food place to eat. I could probably have it most nights of the week and not get sick of it. My […]

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