Facts About Me


Name: Carolynne
Nicknames: Canadian Girl, Redhead, Majig
Age: 26
Birthday: July 10, 1987
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Height: 5’2
Hair Colour: Redish-brown
Eye Colour: Blueish-green
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Status: Married
Personality: Nice, funny, bouncy, outgoing, wacky, weird


Weird Al Yankovic. Musicals. Ashton Shepard. Dean Brody. Paul Brandt. George Canyon. Tobey Keith. Jeff Bates. Dixie Chicks. Tim Mcgraw. Billy Gilman. Josh Gracin. Clay Aiken. Switchfoot. A New Found Glory. Simple Plan. The Moffatts. 2gether. Hanson.


MOVIES: Notting Hill. The Princess And The Frog. Les Misérables. Pirates Of The Caribbean. Titanic. Brokeback Mountain. Sweeney Todd. Julie And Julia. Role Models. The Ugly Truth. Twilight. Hairspray. Back To The Future. Moulin Rouge. A Walk To Remember. Harry Potter. Lord Of The Rings. Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Addams Family. Hook. Forrest Gump. Heartbreakers. The Grinch. American Pie Series. Jack Frost. The Goonies. Three To Tango. Little Shop Of Horrors. The Polar Express. The Santa Clause Series. …IT GOES ON AND ON!!FOREVER!!
TV: Queer As Folk. The Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother. Bones. Castle. Star Trek. NCIS. Rookie Blue. The Vampire Diaries. Everwood. Glee. Desperate Housewives. House. Farscape. Friends. Full House. Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Paul Rudd. Ian Somerhalder. Ewan Mcgregor. Elijah Wood. Leonardo DiCaprio. Johnny Depp. Jake Gyllenhaal. Shane West. Hayden Christensen. Rupert Grint. Daniel Radcliffe. Tobey Maguire. Gregory Smith.


Julia Roberts. Kate Winslet. Christina Ricci. Amy Adams. Leslie Mann. Nicole Kidman. Jena Malone. Rosie O’Donnell. Mary-Kate Olsen. Ashley Olsen. Mandy Moore.


Christina Aguilera. Racism. Speeding. Rude People. Sexism. Homophobia. Bad Websites. Super, Skinny People. Dogs. School. Liars. Little Kids. Baby Sitting. People With Bad BO.


– Has proudly read the Harry Potter series over 50(+) times.
– Is a damn proud Canadian and owns everything with a maple leaf on it (proof).
– Wanted to get married in Disneyland in front of the castle.
– Rarely eats red meat, usually only chicken and seafood.
– Loves soya sauce on bread.
– Gets along great with other people.
– Favourite food is chicken fingers (buffalo style).
– Loves the colour red.
– Wants to become an actress.
– Has never been dumped.
– Could watch movies all day long.
– Has met The Moffatts 5 times and has been to 9 of their concerts.
– Has 15 holes in her body.
– Absolutely loves Ewan Mcgregor’s accent.
– Hates onions and tomatoes.
– Doesn’t tan, just gets more freckles.

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