Weight Loss

Before and After

I have always struggled with my weight. It’s been an issue in my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been a “bigger” girl. I have never been able to share clothes with my girlfriends because I was usually a couple sizes larger. I was never able to do those trust exercises (you know, where you fall backward and someone catches you) because I was always scared that no one would be able to catch me. But I was “satisfied” with myself, for the most part.
When I started dating my boyfriend Peter (now my husband) in grade 11, it all went downhill. I gained over 60lbs over the next 7 years. But I did not let it bother me too much because I kept reminding myself that Peter loved me no matter what I looked like. I felt so comfortable in my relationship that I kind of just stopped trying to maintain my appearance.
It got to the point that I would just look into the mirror at my reflection and cringe. I hated what I saw. I hated having pictures taken of me because they always made me look worse.

So in January of 2010, I joined Weight Watchers. This was not my first time doing Weight Watchers. I joined in 2008 a few months before my wedding to shed some pounds. I lost about 15lbs but I never stuck to it in the long term. After the wedding I just kind of ignored the plan and thus, stopped. I didn’t have anything to lose weight for and so I thought, what’s the point. I kept saying to myself that my husband loved me for who I was. He didn’t care what I looked like.
Well, it turns out, I was the one who cared. I wasn’t happy with myself. I wanted to lose weight, for myself and no one else. Even though I was increasingly unhappy with what I looked like, I didn’t do anything about it until 2010. My new year’s resolution was to join Weight Watchers again and to stick to it.

After joining WW, I found myself in the same patterns I was in in 2008. I really wasn’t taking the plan seriously. I wasn’t tracking what I ate and I wasn’t exercising. I was doing it half-assed. And although, I lost a little bit of weight in the first month and a half, it wasn’t until I had my first gain that I knew it was time to take the plan more seriously. I mean, I was supposed to be on a weight loss program and I gained weight?! Not cool. So the very next day, I started tracking diligently and I started going to the gym. For the next few months (and to this very day), that is exactly what I did every single day. And the pounds just started falling off. I was having losses from 3-5lbs per week.

I was so determined. My head was in the right place. That was one of the most important changes that I had to figure out and make. I had to wrap my mind around the plan. The WHOLE plan. It was a lifestyle change, NOT A DIET. Sure, everyone wants to lose weight, but unless you are committed and willing to change, it won’t happen.

When Weight Watchers switched to the Points Plus system, I found the plan even easier to manage. Fruit was free and so choices for snacking were no-brainers. I lost my last 10lbs quickly with the Points Plus program and finally got to my goal.

I reached my goal weight on January 17, 2011 and couldn’t be happier. Weight Watchers changed my life. I am eternally grateful for the skills that I have acquired. Weight Watchers taught me how to eat properly and that is one of the biggest changes I had to make. It taught me what my body needed each day and how to live my life to the fullest and healthiest.

After reaching my goal weight, I lost a total of 73.8lbs!

Start: 207.8lbs – Current: 134lbs – Goal: 135lbs

Here is a picture of my goal weight star given to me by Weight Watchers:

Goal weight

Here are some progress pictures:

Starting weight at 207.8lbs
Starting weight

After losing 15.2lbs
Down 15.2lbs

After losing 29lbs
Down 29lbs

After losing 46.4lbs
Down 46.4lbs

After losing 59lbs
Down 59lbs

After losing 73.8lbs (AND REACHING MY GOAL WEIGHT!!!!!)
Down 73.8lbs

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